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Who We Are

The Taylor Conservatory Foundation is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization incorporated in the State of Michigan, 2005. Our mission is creating beautiful public spaces, promoting the arts and sciences, and preserving our natural environment.  We promote positive community outcomes with its programs designed for a multitude of social, educational, and environmental needs.

Our Mission

  • Inspiring people to enhance the quality of their surroundings through the cultivation and enjoyment of flora and the arts.
  • Educating children and adults with programs designed in a fun, interactive and informative way.
  • Providing a beautiful and hospitable setting for the delight and inspiration of the public.
  • Promoting food security through community-garden development and education.
  • Increasing public awareness about the fragility of our natural environment and providing information about ways to conserve and protect it.

Our Goals

  • Provide a unique horticultural experience for public enjoyment and improve quality of life for those living and visiting the Detroit area.
  • Strengthen our community through collaboration with regional partners to create a vibrant, energizing place to create, exhibit and perform.