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The TCF Gardens provide a peaceful, serene and safe haven for those who visit and for the creatures that make this place their home. You can help protect the Gardens by following these simple steps: Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, to keep TCF Gardens safe and beautiful for future generations!
  • Do not climb, sit or stand on the Conservatory structure, terrace walls or garden sculptures.
  • Refrain from picking or collecting flowers, fruits seeds or vegetables unless permission is given by TCF staff.
  • Smoking is prohibited (including e-cigarettes),
  • Please dispose of trash in waste and recycling containers.
  • Please park bikes in front of the Conservatory for your visit.
  • Personal use photography is allowed as long as there is not a scheduled event. Walkways, flower and tree beds cannot be blocked or disturbed.
  • Professional/Commercial photography requires a permit and must be requested prior to visit.
  • Do not hang on tree limbs, walk in garden beds, or throw mulch or gravel.
  • Active sports and games — including rollerblading, skateboarding, use of scooters or bikes are not permitted on the Terrace or Masco pavilion.
  • Picnics and bonfires must booked in advance to avoid conflicts with our scheduled events. You can picnic at nearby Heritage Park, adjacent to our grounds.
  • Leashed dogs are permitted on the grounds, except during scheduled TCF events. During scheduled events, only licensed service animals are permitted on Garden grounds.
  • So visitors may enjoy the peace and serenity of the gardens; do not play radios, MP3 players or other types of amplified sound or noise makers unless prior permission has been received from TCF staff.
  • Use Garden benches or chairs for resting. Do not stand on benches.
  • Concealed carry firearms are prohibited. Individuals who are licensed to carry concealed guns must store their firearms in their car’s glove compartment, trunk, or locked case while visiting the Gardens.