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Are you considering a visit to the Gardens? We’d love to have you! Here are our responses to commonly-asked questions. If you still need to contact us, Click Here.  We do not have an office on-site at the Gardens.
What are the Garden hours?
Daily 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.  We have many scheduled events during the week, so please check our calendar of events for more details, or call 888-644-2670.  During the winter (except for occasional scheduled events), we are closed. We do not plow our parking lot, terrace or sidewalks, so the grounds are inaccesible during times of snowfall.
Are you the Taylor Garden Club?
 No. We are the Taylor Conservatory Foundation, a volunteer 501 (c) 3 charitable organization, founded in 2005 by Hon. Geno D. Salomone. We lease the property from the city of Taylor, and receive no funding from them. We raise our own funds to fulfill our mission, which is to provide a place of beauty, education and inspiration for all to enjoy.
Where do I park when I visit the Garden?
 Visitors may park in the public lot in front of the Conservatory. There are 4 handicapped spaces available. If the lot is full, there is general parking at the Petting Farm lot next to ours.
Is the Garden ADA accessible?
Parts of the Garden are accessible in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). There is easy access to: our parking lot, with 4 handicapped spots, Conservatory, Terrace and Masco Pavilion. The terrace has crushed granite pathways around it, and the woodland trail is bark mulch, not suitable for ADA wheeled vehicles.
When will you install the glass in the Conservatory?

The short answer? Never! Why? The Conservatory, or “C” as we call it, was not designed to be a functioning conservatory, or glasshouse. It was designed for an indoor garden show, called Bloomfest in 1999 at Cobo Arena in Detroit.

Replica of the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory at Bloomfest 1999.

Shown at DTE Energy Bloomfest, 1999.

DTE Energy was the major sponsor. Inspired by other national shows that attracted a garden-loving public, DTE Energy commissioned a third-scale replica of the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory on Belle Isle as the center focus of the event. Design Origins, in Sterling Heights, was chosen to design the structure. Since Bloomfest was an indoor event, there was no need for designing it to hold glass.

Bloomfest did not draw the crowds expected and folded after its second year. The Taylor Conservatory Foundation acquired the Conservatory after partnering with the Rotary Club of Taylor, promising to use it as an open-air sculpture and gateway to the beautiful outdoor gardens. Want to learn more about the history of the “C”? Check it out here.

How can I leave a donation?
Check out our donation can!

Check out our donation can!

Thanks for asking! The Gardens are totally supported by donations and fundraising by the volunteer non-profit board of the Taylor Conservatory Foundation. You can leave a donation in the tall metal Sunflower sculpture inside the Conservatory Rotunda, or DONATE HERE

How long does it take to view the entire Garden?
 Visitors should plan at least one hour for a leisurely stroll through the Conservatory, Terrace, Knot Gardens, Woodland
and Grand Lawn areas. Tours (link back to tour info) are available for groups by calling 888-644-2670, or contacting
Where do I report emergencies?
Visitors should call 911 in case of any emergencies.
Are there restrictions on where I can go in the Garden?
 Visitors should not climb on the Conservatory structure, or any of the Garden walls, trees or property. Please stay on pathways and in the public areas. They should not climb trees, pick flowers or collect plants or plant parts.
Where do I dispose of trash?
 There are trash receptacles at the Masco Pavilion and behind the Terrace wall towards the Grand Lawn. No trash receptacles are available along the trails or in any other public area. If you cannot find a trash can, please help us out and dispose of trash by removing it from the premises. Thanks!
Do you rent the Gardens for special events?
Absolutely. It’s a perfect spot for weddings, receptions, corporate and club events. The revenue helps us maintain the gardens and programs. Click here for information regarding rental space for meetings, weddings, receptions, or other organized events, or call 888-644-2670, or email
What should I do if there is a wedding or special event in progress?
Please be respectful of all private events and visit the gardens after the event is over.
May I take photographs or make video recordings?
Visitors are welcome to take photos and video recordings for personal use only. Please read our Rules of Garden Etiquette. Professional photographers and videographers are required to obtain photo permits. Click here for the photography policy and permit.
What does the Garden offer for children?

Tea fairies

The Gardens are designed to encourage a sense of wonder and curiosity in everyone, regardless of age, but we do have displays specifically designed for children. Look for the Discover This! signs along the pathways. We have a Little Free Library, stocked with many children’s books for reading at the Conservatory or to take home. Please remember: the policy of the Little Free Library is if you take a book, leave a book. Please ensure children are supervised by an adult at all times. At least one adult should accompany every five children.

What is appropriate to wear at the Garden?
Visitors should dress appropriately for the outdoors. Shirts and sturdy footwear must be worn at all times.
Are there restroom facilities?
 Restrooms are available for all special events booked at the Conservatory (including tours). During normal business hours public restrooms are available at Heritage Park.
Can I ride my bike or other wheeled vehicle in the Garden?
 Only medically- necessary wheelchairs and scooters are allowed. Strollers are permitted. Motorized and non-motorized wheeled vehicles are prohibited, including motorbikes, ATVs, golf carts, bicycles, skateboards, two-wheeled scooters, tricycles, “wheelie” shoes, roller blades, in-line skates, wagons and children’s riding toys.
May I bring my pet to the Garden?
blackberry photos jan_sep 12 329Dogs and cats on leashes are welcome, except during TCF and privately booked events. (Licensed service animals are always welcome) Please keep them on pathways, trails, away from trees and out of landscaped areas. Owners must clean up and properly dispose of pet waste by removing it from the area.
What is your tobacco and alcohol policy?
 Tobacco use and devices are not allowed on Garden property, including all buildings, grounds, restrooms and parking lots. No alcohol or illegal drugs may be brought into the Garden. Alcohol may only be served at Garden-during scheduled events with appropriate licensing.
May I bring my own food or drink into the Garden and are there any picnic areas?
Food is allowed in the Gardens during normal operating hours, as long as it does not conflict with a scheduled event. Many people RWB Ken Stepanie neice and Nancyvisit the grounds on their lunch hour or to enjoy a quick cup of coffee or tea while taking a work break. Please be sure to dispose of your trash in the receptacles behind the back Terrace, or at the Masco Pavilion. No outside food or drink is allowed during our Music & Art in the Gardens series. Picnics in the Masco Pavilion must be scheduled in advance. Contact us here or call 888-644-2670. There are many public picnic areas available in Heritage Park. Please do not to feed wildlife as it may harm them or you.