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We are in it now, the throes of winter, with the kind of cold the brings up comparisons to Game of Thrones. In the language of gardeners, Winter is the season of planning. Of looking back at what worked and what didn’t. Of pouring over seed catalogs, compiling huge lists of the New, the OMG Gorgeous!, the must-haves and the maybes.  Sometimes it’s an exercise in fantasy, as we put real-life on hold for while. No need to think about those pesky budgets, the lack of space, who will maintain this new area, etc.  But, don’t discount your over-the-top gardenpalooza plans out of hand.  Daydreams like this can help you think about your garden space in new ways and spark your creativity. Besides, a girl can dream, right?

One place you can put your garden ideas into action is at the Goodwill Community Garden. If you’d like to rent a garden plot or raised bed, registration is open.

If you are interested in learning more about gardening, sign up our Fun with Winter Seed Sowing, or Growing Great Gardens conference.