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January is a great month for warm blankets, good books, and warm drinks. Especially if you or your loved ones have a pesky cold! To provide relief from the symptoms, try these 3 easy plant-based ideas.  And…a big thank you to volunteer Shauna Hill for providing these helpful tips!   

  1. Drink herbal tea. Hot tea in winter can be satisfying and nourishing. Peppermint, garlic, elderflower, and sage are examples of plants that can be used in teas to help boost the immune system and relieve cold symptoms.
  2. Make an Herbal Infusion. Try this recipe for Sage-Infused Honey. Sage has astringent properties that can soothe sore throats, and along with the calming powers of honey, packs a one-two punch.
  3. Go for the strong stuff. For a ‘stronger’ recipe, drink this Hot Toddy before bedtime.